New World Storytelling

Let’s re-imagine story, as a way of creating a world that becomes your message… your brand… your meaning.

Now, imagine inviting your audience to not simply receive it, but to step into your storyworld and become part of it.
They’re now part of your story – and you are part of theirs. Welcome to the new world of storytelling… Transmedia!

   Are You Ready To Set Sail?   

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  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road…

    We’re off to see the Wizards of Transmedia at the Storyworld Conference this weekend!  (Thank you, Stephen Dinehart) WOO...

  • Old Dream – New Vision

    When I was a college student, I dreamed of a venture like Re-maginations. Well, kind of. Being in an arts program, I was...

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Creative doesn’t even cover it…

Creative? You can't find the word to describe Sandy and the talent God has given her. What she has brought to Family Life in regards to radio and stage is simply amazing. Here I am 500 miles away now, and I still love to catch some of her work as it is broadcast over the internet.

Richard FairchildChief Technical Officer, Family Life Radio Network
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