Old Dream – New Vision

When I was a college student, I dreamed of a venture like Re-maginations. Well, kind of. Being in an arts program, I was all “Age of Aquarius,” thinking my poetry could change the world. I wanted to see it dressed in costume, living in music, taking form in pottery and artifacts. I wanted words that would leap off the page into life. My words would change the world! Okay, so I was just a wee bit idealistic back then.

As for now… well, I have a deep dark secret to which no fully rational adult should admit: I still want to change the world. So, I’m not rational – deal with it. What has shifted is my idea of what change is… and how it can be done. I think it can be done through story. I’ve started seeing life as an Epic I’m being scripted into by a Hand greater than myself. And written into me are the greater stories that Hand wants to write. So here I am, at this unexpected stage of life re-imagining the power of story.

What is a delight in this new re-imagining is that a lot of what I wanted to do in college is now possible through that one magical word: Transmedia. My husband and partner are getting ready to set sail on this new adventure. If you’ve ever leaped into the unknown, you know how this feels. So, instead of saying goodbye to the old life, it’s “hello, new world – here we come!”

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