Follow the Yellow Brick Road…

We’re off to see the Wizards of Transmedia at the Storyworld Conference this weekend!  (Thank you, Stephen Dinehart) WOO HOO!  I mean… the conference  should be a valuable networking opportunity.  Strike that.  I go stand by my “Woo Hoo!”  Actually, I’m more than a little intimidated.  All the brightest  and the best minds in the realm of Transmedia Storytelling will be there!  Their creativity will be blazing like a super nova… and all I’ve got is a flashlight.  Actually, that’s not true – and I have to keep reminding myself of that.  We’ve got stuff to offer – and we shouldn’t be timid about offering it.  Since I’ve started this voyage into a new world of storytelling, some notable luminaries have cast a light on the dark waters.  Some of them I’ve even gotten indirectly acquainted with.  Christy Dena has been a continual inspiration and source of encouragement. Lance Weiler has provided tons of resources through his Workbook Project.  Robert Pratten with Transmedia Storyteller has crafted some beautifully elegant explanations of how it all works.  Finally, the ability of  Jeff Gomez with Starlight Runner Entertainment to create grand story experiences is simply boggling. These are just a few of the people I hope to at least say hi to.  Forget Brangelina – to me, these guys are the real stars.

Keep us in mind as we venture into alien territory this weekend. We have a background and a vision that might seem a little unorthodox for this arena.  So let the Hand that is writing our existence, write on… and let the adventure begin!

By the way, in case you’re interested:  Storyworld Conference and Expo.

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