What We Do


We are Storytellers.

We create content, not code – scripts, copy, storylines and storyworlds. We can help you create and plan the story you want to tell, and the way you want your audience to interact with it. We want to help you write a better story.



One of the coolest things about Transmedia Storytelling is its potential for collaboration.

It’s a media cauldron in which creative energies can mesh and combine, and where the melding of minds can cook up innovative narratives and experiences. Want to work on creating a new world? Let’s talk!



We will be masterminding our own worlds as well –

worlds that we hope will inspire, surprise, and delight. Who knows, we may call on you to become a part of them.

To explore a project we collaborated on for the youth theater production, “Anne of Green Gables,” check the Family Life website.