Why We Do It

We think the world needs better stories.

The explosion of social media, web surfing, and our addiction to our mobile devices (come on, admit it…) proves that we live in a culture starved for connection.  But we think it’s more than a search for ways to connect… we see it as a hunger for meaning.  We think that deep down, everyone wants to feel they’re part of an Epic, a grand story that’s bigger than themselves – a narrative that gives context and meaning to this time we spend on this speck of blue. We want to somehow know that we matter, and that we are on our way to something more.

Story helps do this.

Story can elevate and transform.

Story matters.

Full disclosure:  our faith shapes our worldview and informs our storytelling.  We believe God is the master storyteller – and as his little creators storytelling is what we love to do.  We don’t preach.  We don’t judge.  We don’t dictate.  We just tell stories.